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Yesterday and Today

..Yesterday was amazing. Watched Lesbian Vampire Killers with like 50 boys but meeh. 3 girls.. wtf. My phone broke :3

Today was aite you know.
Peeps were...
James W

Before I even got there, I walked to my bus stop and some guy kept staring at me..
Him: 'Hey'
Me: 'Hey'
..'You look quite nice y'knooow'
'whats your name?'
'kool I was thinking bout getting ur number'
'Err. I don't even know you. Whats ur name?'
'Right. How old are you?'
'Twenty init'
'I'm fourteen'
'Issssiit so you're young init'

Went to the paaark, just messed about literally.
JJ 'jogged' from Edmonton cos he was cheap enough not to pay £2 for the bus.
when he got there, he gave me a phone ;D ..cos my other one broke remember.
I got thirsty so i got up to get something from the shop and all the guys followed me..
Theyre been following me since yesterday.
If i stop, they stop. If I walk, they walk.
So basically I was the only girl with them cos Jaz and Em and Caitlin stayed.
Soo then after, the girls left me again..
so I was left with the boys.. then I saw my auntie and got scared ;O cos i was with a buncha boys so yuhhh she'd call my mum..
IDK what happened to the rest of the day - I remember the end though.
Everyone seperated.
Emily went to shops to get mothers day present and go home
James went home
Jaz went home
JJ & Rene walked to the bus stop
And Adam's dad picked him up
When they were about to leave, I was sitting next to Ciaran and Adam and Rene were talking to each other and kept staring at me.. they kept pointing at me and Ciaran and whispering... idk what that meant ;( and he still won't tell me!

I was left with Ciaran when he decided to go home but I walked with him to find Rene and JJ..
It was too early for me to go home so might aswell go with them.
Everyone kept complaining that 'UGHH I HAVE TO GO HOME'
I kept saying Go home thennnnn!!
but they wouldnt..
they said I had some kind of magnet that they keep following me.
It's like they can't stay away.
Even when their bus came, they stayed.
So I decided to go home.
Ciaran gave me a normal hug for once..
Rene gave me a hug and kept telling me my hair smelled like strawberries.
JJ gave me a long hug and he whispered to my ear 'I'll miss you' loll..
and he told everyone to come to his house next week to play Wii, and pointed at me o_o


Didn't have time to do ma blog yesterday cos went home quite late so I though i'd do it now.
Yesterday, I went to London with my mum :3
We went to Tottenham and shiz boi. People there are so talkative and like.. talk in a flirty way >_<
Went there to look for headphones - Went to every single shop and I bought jack. Nothing. Nada. Wala.

So me and my mum went to China town and before we can actually go around, Mum was hungry so we went to this restaurant called Abeno.
It's a restaurant where the food is cooked in front of you and blaa. The food was really nice, I recommend it.
When the food was being cooked, everyone who passed walking had to look. Literally everyone -.-''

After that, we just went around, went to some shop and I thought about Emily and her bday on Saturday..
So I went and bought her what she's ALWAYS wanted.
I bought one for myself too :]
Then we went to Ikyuusan to buy my brothers Ramen haha. He loves it.

On the way home, the underground was fuuulll.
These tall ass couple - and i mean TALL - kept making out right in front of me.
I felt so short.
But they kept making out the whole way and because they were the tallest..
Everyone was staring at them but they couldn't care less and just kept on going and going and going.

Got home, heated the Ramen and ate it, My brother was too busy on the xbox, hahaha he told me off.


Today was ..different.
Was normal at first but after changing for PE after break..
I felt happy.. and light. I kept closing my eyes and feeling happy.
Then, I felt like dancing around so I did.. in a.. druggy sort of way, with my arms out and stuffs?
Everyones started saying I was high..
And kept asking me what I've been eating, drinking, sniffing.. I didn't eat anything besides a donut and a brioche.
At lunch, I finally felt tired. So I slept for a good 2 minutes until Caitlin called my name.
AAH idk whats wrong with me today..

After school, Me and Mary went around to shops, i had 40p and some coppers. PSSH didn't buy anything.
After I dropped her off.. I went to my bus stop and I felt so nice cos I offered seats to the old people XD
That was my day.


FINALLY I have finished my english paper on shakespeare, been working 5 hours on it non stop. Unfortunately, still haven't started history, which is due tomorrow. GAAH, oh well - i'll have an excuse.

I feel really full and bloated much. UGHHH.
Guess who I saw today?
I walked pass him around old woolworths and I was like 'AGHHHH DAMNITTT' ..You see. The past is unspoken. I don't know if he saw me.. Oh well. I couldn't care less. I was like banging my head (on my mind - not literally) ;D BUT STILL. AHHHHH I've been dreading this day for months. The past is just.. I can't erase it. I don't know why I done it. I can't get it off my mind. 'WHY?!' is my only question. I couldn't say it to Kelly.. Still can't. Not to her, not to anyone.

For Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Went over to Rachelle's house with Jaz and Emily.. We arrived in time but she was late for her own party for 40 mins >_< Gave her this lipgloss/eye shadow set thingie.. Errr. I had to leave early otherwise, i'd have to get the bus home and that'd be scary :P hahah its night maaaan. Everyone was dancing drinking etc. Emily DC came and she wouldn't let go of my haaand. So i ate her lumpia and her chicken :D

Met up with Rachelle again to go Filipino's got Talent down in Hammersmith and we got the train there. Was such a long journey aghhh. And the train had no signal (expectedly) so yaah. Filipino's got talent was grrreat. Emily won 3rd place and she got this frame thingie ;D hahaha. The people who set it up were really unproffesional though :@ they had the mic turned off and the audio on too loud. STUPID SET UP PEOPLE HMPH! I put up the vid i took of Emily on youtube. Just search 'Emily De Castro - Preview' on youtube. It's not very good.. actually.. its rly bad (the quality of the vid) I uploaded it cos people wanted to see. Don't complain. We werent allowed to record! So YEAH, i just sneaked it in ;D Rachelle kept calling her wannabee boyfriend in Scotland and kept laughing at my face.. she pissed me off. And She promised to go home with me but noooooo. She left me.
Emily's mum and dad were nice enough to take me home so I love them :D

Me and Rach

I woke up round 11.. So didn't go school - was too tired. So I was in bed up to like.. 5 until I started baking blueberry muffins. I watched Bloody Monday - 2 more eps and im finishedddddd. Hide died D: waaah. Trying to do my Maths homework now but i forgot how to do Trig. When i ask someone to help me, theyre all like.. whats Trig. >;l
First of all, Sallys birthday. Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Dropped a card down her mailbox yesterday lolz.

I'm really liking Lily Allen's album ahehe.

Went into school today..
So lunchtime, everyone made fun of my tiny orange. :(
SO what if its tiny! Leave me be.
And then the 'Yannabite'
Everyones saying it, Literally.
'Can i have a yannabite?'
its like.
Is my name some kind of new slang?
Basically it means 'small bite' cos apparently I take small bites XD
So its a new slang for everyone ;/

Pics from last nighttttttttt.


So I went to buy cookies round the gas station..
After i crossed the road, on the other side was some guy honking at me.

Dude: oi oi come here a sec
Me: *stare*
Dude: Just come ere
Me: *stare*
Dude: *stare*
Me: what? *and walk away*
Dude: *Follows me in his car and stops* just come here
Me: *cross road* what?
Dude: How old are you?
Me: 14 why?
Dude: RAAHHHH isit gimme your numbah
Me: *stare then goes back to the pavement while cars honk*
Dude: *Drives 10 feet and stops again waiting for me*
Me: *walks VERRRRYYY slowly*
Dude: *drives off*

Other than that, I've been feeling so lousy all day.
I finished a film + VK Guilty, after that, I talked to *cough* someone on msn..
then suddenly, my heart stopped for a sec. I felt.. empty and 'energyless' if there was a word.
So went to bed, started playing Argybald Adventures and finished it. I realized I was bored as hell,
So i rang Marc.
He said i sounded upset.
I changed the subject.
He changed it back.
He said I was in love.
I denied it.
He said don't lie.

I don't know my own feelings. Am I?
I feel crushed. Heartbroken. Like there's a hole and it need to be filled. I don't even have energy to move and all this is driving me insane.

Valentines Day

Went to cinemas tooodaay. If i could remember the names..
the people were..

We went to see Bolt after hours of waiting.. and deciding what to watch
It turned out to be RUBBISH. OMGGGG i wanted to go nuts, the film was so boring that i couldn't wait for it to end. The boys went out and sneaked into Notorious, they didnt start it or finish it, so what was the point? Answer was, to see the naked people. hah.

Oye. Before that..
Jaz and Tamara's convo to the salesman.

'Excuse me, does this (referring to a kiddie's toy car) come in a bigger size? I don't seem to fit in.'
'That's discrimination'

Went town after, Mary and Katherine ran away, Mary got lost and was being stalked haha.

First of all, Livi's bday! Got her choco, card and a teddy lololll.
Ermmmm. I forgot what happened..
Got ma Filipinos Got Talent ticket wooooooooooo!
:3 Valentines tomorrow. AAAHHH. idk what im doing yet hah.
And Friday the 13th! WAH.

Weeeeeee :3

Atm, watching American Idol :]
Aheh, picked up my new glasses todaaaayyy!
Talked to Rachelle tooday in the library,
We planned to go:-
FIlipino's got talent
Barrio Fiesta
and Her Bday party

YAN xo